Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is stress always bad for us?

No, stress is not always bad. Infact stress can be good at times called Eustress (good stress). Eustress can lead us to out-perform in certain situations like exams, games etc. Infact the human body's response to stress is designed to save us in extreme conditions and is driven by neural and hormonal responses which put our bodies in a heightened state of alertness and gives us super human strength to overcome the extreme condition faced by us.

The constant stress of our modern day lives, distress (bad stress) is what most people know as stress and can adversly affect our health and lives. Our body's response to stress is designed to last for a very short period of time to overcome the extreme situations that we might be faced. When there is constand stress it causes a burnout of our stress response mechanisms and leads to both mental and physical signs and symptoms in the short term and many chronic medical conditions including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, peptic ulcer disease, depression, mood disorders, insomnia etc.

Does wearing a bra increase my chances of developing Breast Cancer?

Wearing a bra does not increse your chances of developing Breast Cancer but it does decrease the chances of early detection of Breast Cancer using the usual Mammogram screening. Its speculated that because of the support provided by using a bra, the breasts stay firmer and denser for longer and the calcifications which are seen in the breasts of a Breast Cancer patient on a mammogram are more difficult to detect. This delays the early detection of Breast Cancer on a mammogram.

Can staying healthy become an obsession?

I am here to talk about how sometimes staying healthy can become an obsession for some people. Our brain is a very powerful organ and controls our every action and is motivated by either reward or punishment or a combination of both. What staying healthy demands is regular exercise along with maintaining a well balanced diet. When our bodies exercise and we start seeing results that we like we start getting a kick out of that because our brain releases endorphins which make us keep coming back for more and more exercise. This changes the circuitry of our neurons (nerve cells) and leads us to keep wanting more of the kick, just like any other addictive substance and makes staying healthy an obsession.