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I am Dr. Harish Malik and I am here to personally welcome you to my frequently updated (Last Updated on 08/14/2012) Revolutionary, Global and Free "Move Movement".

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What is Move Movement and Why should one Join the Move Movement?

Move Movement is one of its kind "Global Movement" that is research based and encourages medical providers all over the world to promote physical activity (Body Movement as permitted by your patient's condition) and exercise programs along with Calorie Restriction (as a means of  disease prevention and management; and for everyone to understand that any exercise is better than none.  Upon joining this custom designed Move Movement,  you will be able to prevent/or fight Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Lung disease, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Alzheimer's, Infectious Disease, Weight problems, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Stress and Emotional health issues which are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality today.

The Launch of My Revolutionary "Move Movement" which is designed to promote any amount of Physical Activity (PA) along with Calorie Restriction (CR) while maintaining proper nutrition as a means of preventing/fighting all diseases along with prolongation of a meaningful and health life. It is a testimony to my understanding and the accumulation of growing knowledge that we are roughly 2/3  water and are mobile organisms, and need constant body movement (which promotes the movement of body fluids resulting in optimal delivery of oxygen, nutrients, immune cells and mediators and hastens waste removal along with stimulation of the brain as it has been shown that physical activity prevents or delays dementia) both during awake and sleeping period to keep our bodies and mind healthy and boosts our immune system, help maintain optimum body weight and help fight infectious and non-infectious diseases of the mind and body including Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer's etc.

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  1. Sorry to put it this way, but in my tradition,"chillaxing" all day is considered great living.Years ago a friend filled his entire basement bar area,with stuff collected from a gym, so that when me and my friends are consuming alcoholic and high calorific beverages, we would all be sweating it out at multitude of physical games from ping pong to weight training at the same time.Guess what??The others stopped coming by even though the booze was free.


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