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Online Health Expert BEST USMLE TUTOR Dr.Harish Malik who has trained several thousand successful health care professionals including many doctors Launches BEST USMLE TUTOR  [a one of its kind Novel One-on-One  Focused and Individualized, Diagnostic and Remedial (FIDR) Tutoring  Service available in over 50 subjects] believes that the best way to Improve USMLE pass rates is to learn Medicine using his Real Life Analogies (RLA) approach.  

Dr. Harish Malik of Elite Tutoring Service uses his RLA approach to teach his students, generate patient teaching strategies, and breakdown difficult to comprehend medical concepts, diseases processes, diagnostic and treatment modalities for them in a simple to understand language to help them in making the optimal evidence based decisions to help them succeed in passing USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS, and Step 3 Exams.

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BEST USMLE TUTOR's LIVE Interactive Online USMLE FIDR Modules - Online USMLE FIDR Tutoring by Topics for All USMLE Steps.

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  1. Anna from Illinois
    Dr. Harish helped guide my thinking on concepts that I had trouble with, and also taught me many techniques for long-term retention for Step 3. This was the first time that I was taking the exam, and had finished medical school and my last USMLE exam more than 1 year ago, but I was not yet in residency. I felt overwhelmed studying for this exam on my own, as I did not even know how to write orders, but after being tutored by Dr. Harish, I felt confident that I would surely pass, at the very least! He does not provide any shortcuts or answers, but cuts the amount of studying that needs to be done on your own instead, due to how he is able to connect different topics. He expects you to study at least 6 hours each day, at the minimum, but motivates you to keep working harder. I honestly enjoyed studying, while I was being mentored by him! He tailors his tutoring style to each student--something I did not understand at first, after speaking with previous students of his, before I began my tutoring--and discussed the material with me at a slower pace, but in hindsight, that helped me understand everything more thoroughly. I am indebted to Dr. Harish for his immense patience, incredible knowledge, and caring nature in helpling me through Step 3, during a stressful period of my life, and I am going to tell anybody I come across that might be struggling with test-taking about him (especially since he can tutor on various subjects and exams). The biggest regret I have is that I wish I had known about him earlier and had started tutoring with him from Step 1 onwards, to Step 2 CK, and through Step 3, along with CS and CCS, if necessary! Thank you for everything, Dr. Harish--you are an exceptional teacher and person. Thankfully, Anna from Illinois


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