Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NEW DEFINITION OF LIFE: Synthetic Life becomes reality!

Online Health Expert Major Medical News Flash: Synthetic Life Becomes Reality!

The Creation of First Synthetic Life form is a Life Changing Step that has Re-Defined "LIFE": Dynamic Software (DNA and RNA) driven Organic Machines (Life forms like you and me).

New Software (Computer Designed and Synthetically made DNA) + Organic Raw Material = "New Life form"

Synthetic life became a reality last year (2010) when a team of 40 researchers led by Dr. J. Craig Venter, a geneticist and scientist at his not for profit research institute located in Rockville, Maryland were able to create a synthetic cell whose 1.08 million base pair Mycoplasma mycoides genome was digitalized and modified on a computer and the base pairs were put together in the laboratory. This is the First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell with numerous applications.

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Dr. Harish Malik


  1. Are they gonna design people next or what?

  2. Dear Dr. Malik,

    This means the real life will lose it's value in the future. This is going too far. Creating life in the lab.

    At the same time it can be used for so many good things. I hope it is never used to destroy mankind.

    Thanks for sharing the latest information with all of us here.


  3. I was wondering, could you define exactly what "synthetic life" is?
    - Molly

  4. Dear Molly, thank you for your comment., I can be reached at 803-493-5573 for a brief explanation of Synthetic Life.
    Thank you again for your comment and question and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Dr. Harish Malik


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