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NOTE: Healthcare is a rapidly evolving field and Caution is advised in the use of Symptoms Checkers. These Online Symptoms Checkers are not designed for Self diagnosis or to replace the need for Medical Advice. Doing so can result in Serious Injury resulting in bodily harm including Death. Please Read the Medical Disclaimers before use.These are simply tools for all of us to keep a broader Differential Diagnoses as according to an autopsy study done at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio and published in the journal Chest in 2001, the misdiagnosis rate can vary from 20%-40% in a Medical Intensive Care Unit. One out of Five Patient deaths were misdiagnosed by Doctors in that study.

Healthcare providers can broaden their Differential diagnoses and Patients, families and friends can use these Online Symptom Checker Tools to better understand and research their symptoms, diseases and conditions.
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2. WebMD Symptomchecker
3. MAYO CLINIC Symptomchecker

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  1. I had unprotected sex with a girl I just met and after 12 days had a sore throat with no redness or white blotches, nasal congestion with lots of mucus with some blood, both that lasted 5 days then, lost lots of energy with fatigue at end of the 5 days, wanting to sleep all the time but tired all day anyway, total loss of appetite losing 8 lbs, had a 5 inch long 2 inch wide red rash on right thigh with no itching, having a dull headache and tested for mono negative, so what could I have?

    1. Dear Reader,

      Thank you for your question/comment.

      A more detailed History and Physical along with lab work is warranted in your case to get to a more conclusive diagnosis. Many STI's (Sexually Transmited Infections) can't be distinguished based on signs and symptoms alone and a lot of the times you can contract more than one type of STI during a single unprotected sexual encounter. None the less, your symptoms are somewhat suggestive of Syphilis. I would highly recommend using protection every time during a sexual encounter and a thorough H & P and Lab evaluation now and later to fully diagnose and manage your problems.

      Again, I would like to thank you for your question/comment.

      The following link on the CDC website is a useful informational source regarding various STIs and I recommend that you read and follow the preventive measures recommended there.

      Best Wishes and Regards,

      Dr. Harish Malik


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