Sunday, December 4, 2011

Online Health Expert Dr. Harish Malik uses a Revolutionary Global "Move Movement" to bring Doctors and patients together & help Health care providers improve their clinical & communication skills to safely cut Health care costs & fight disease.

I am Dr. Harish Malik and the Author of Online Health Expert. I am a Medical Doctor from India with over 10 years of Medicine, Medical Education, Teaching, Research and Public Speaking experience. Please Click here to view my complete profile. I have recently started a Global "Move Movement".
My Revolutionary Global "Move Movement" to help prevent/fight disease and promote positive health is a testimony to my dedication to improve Global Health and cut Global Medical and Health costs.
The addition of "Free Membership" to Online Health Expert provides a platform where Medical professionals as well as people can exchange ideas, knowledge and skills to improve their health and spread Health awareness and come together as a Global Family of Health Protectors and Promoters.
My launch of the "Top Medical News" section about the technologies and discoveries that are reshaping our Health care such as Nanotechnology, 3D Organ Printing for transplantation, use of Stem Cells in healing hearts, brains and many other organs.
Above all the creation of "Synthetic Life" has changed my definition of Life - Life forms are software (genes) driven dynamic organic machines (body) - and our ability to literally edit this software on a computer and to create "New Life forms" is amazing new promising technology that has already started revolutionizing our world at all levels.
My Free Links for "Clinical Skills Videos", "Allied Health care Clinical Skills Videos" and "Symptom Checkers" when properly utilized will make Medical and Health care Safer and More Cost Effective in the time of "Global Economic Crisis" and growing disconnect between Health care Providers and Patients due to our increasing reliance on technology in diagnosing and treating patients and the diminishing and declining utilization of Clinical Skills.
“To teach is to touch a life forever”. Keeping this in mind, I believe that every Medical Educator must be highly motivated, must be knowledgeable, skilled and a thorough professional who must strive for perfection.
Please Join Online Health Expert today for FREE! to Learn and to Teach and Improve Global Health and Medical Education through your contribution today. .
 "It's Never Too Late to improve and nobody is perfect and Health care needs Major Changes NOW!" Let’s Start This Change by Joining Online Health Expert and Sharing our Wealth of knowledge.

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