Friday, December 23, 2011

Online health Expert News Report: Commonly Used Indian Spice and Food Coloring Agent Turmeric's (Haldi-in HIndi)Standardized Extract HSS-888 Shown to Inhibit or Improve Plaque Burden in Alzheimer's Transgenic Mice.

Online Health Expert Medical News Flash: Indian Spice and Food coloring agent Turmeric (called Haldi - in Hindi) Extract as a New and Promising Herbal Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease is on the Horizon.

In the Aug 30, 2011 edition of the Current Alzheimer Research journal [Epub ahead of print] researchers from the Herbal Science Group, LLC located in Naples, Florida, USA performed an in vivo study on "Alzheimer" transgenic mice (Tg2576) and showed that the Standardized Turmeric Extract (HSS-888) showed promising first step in Botanical based therapies for Alzheimer's disease by inhibiting Beta Amyloid  (soluble 40% and insoluble 20%) or improving Phosphorylated Tau Protein plaque burden (80%), and microglial inflammation leading to neuronal toxicity.

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